I’m into this: new post series

I’m trying something a little different. While this blog is mainly travel and photography focused (and will continue to be), I have been itching to explore other interests. Lately, I’ve been inspired by things that make my eyes and my brain happy and I thought I’d share. So to that end, here is the first post in my new “I’m into this” series.

What am I into right now? Decadent workout gear and smoothie bowls

PSA: I am notoriously lazy (infrequent blog posting cited as evidence). But a big goal for me this year was to get in better shape and spend more time outside. Obviously, my travels enable that, like when I hiked in Big Sur or Scotland, but in between trips, I’m a bit of a lump.

To get my butt off the couch, I have combined my love of all things aesthetically pleasing with ways to keep me active and eating healthy.

Thing #1:

Varley athleisure. This athletic clothing brand combines LA cool with London chic to give me all sorts of yes-please-get-in-my-closet-vibes. Plus, hey, if buying pretty workout clothes motivates me to actually work out, then someone’s doing their job! Also, marble printed everything. #Drool (click images to link to the pages):

via Varley
via Varley
via Varley
via Varley

My favorites are the Brentwood white tee and the Palms navy marble compression tights.

I would wear these all day e’rryday. Other top brands IMO are Nike anything in the dri-fit range, GapFit, and Lululemon.

Thing #2:

Smoothie bowls. Am I late to the whole “consume a smoothie with a spoon” game? Well, I’m into it now. Somehow, despite being the lazy fool that I am, I don’t love drinking smoothies for breakfast. Love the taste, but the gloopy drinking thing just doesn’t appeal to me. But, give it to me in a bowl, with a spoon, and gloriously topped with stunning fruit/nut combinations and I am sold.

If you follow me on Instagram you already know I made this beauty the other day (and promptly inhaled it). You can yell at me to get over it and drink my smoothie like a normal human, but you can’t say that these recipes don’t make smoothie bowls look mighty fine (click the images to go to the recipes):

Minimalist Baker - green smoothie.jpg
via The Minimalist Baker – green smoothie bowl
Nutrition Stripped - blue morning smoothie.jpg
via Nutrition Stripped – blue morning smoothie bowl
Nutmeg Nanny - crandberry smoothie
via Nutmeg Nanny

*Disclaimer: I’m not paid by anyone to write or post these things. If I was, I would let you know. All thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone and you can feel free to disagree or completely ignore. I like these things and just wanted to share. Thanks.*


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