On Nerd-o-ween parties

Last weekend was Halloween. Being huge dorks who love the holiday, S and I decided to host a party. But not just any ol’ party would do. We decided to have a nerd-themed costume party!

How cute is the invite we made using Paperless Post? The site is perfect for creating informal (and often free!) party invites. It’s both eco-friendly and incredibly convenient for party planning since it let’s you track your guest list and RSVPs, and allows your guests to send you comments directly via email notification.
Our Nerd-o-ween party was not limited to taped glasses and suspenders (though that would have been a perfectly acceptable costume) but rather we borrowed from all things nerdy, geeky, and weird. You could call it a nerd-inspired costume party featuring decor and costumes from Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek, Sherlock, Avengers, Pokemon…the list goes on.DSC_4606

I painted mini pumpkins to match the theme. I used acrylic paints and brushes and of course, a little glitter… because, glitter! I used sharpie pens to draw the House Stark sigil on my Game of Thrones pumpkin (winter is coming after all). I was particularly proud of my Pokeball pumpkin, even though I had to prevent some people-who-shall-remain-nameless from trying to smash it on the ground to “choose” Pikachu…my friends really got into the spirit of the event 🙂

S and I used these printable “Adorkable Valentines” to nerdify the walls, created by the Dating Divas, and while not particularly Halloween-y, they did fit the theme perfectly. Plus, they were too hilarious not to share.


We carved the wisest of all Yoda pumpkins using a Star Wars stencil set (I’m not thaaat good at art #sorrynotsorry).

Of course, it being Halloween, we couldn’t resist including a few spooky touches to round everything out.



I made a jack-o-lantern bean dip and Franken-guac which were both super easy dishes and huge party favorites.

RECIPE: Jack-o-lantern bean dip
2 cans of refried beans
1 can of black beans
8 oz of cream cheese (room temp)
salsa of your choice – I used Pace spicy
shredded cheddar cheese
a round baking dish
blue corn triangular tortilla chips

Preheat the oven to 350 F and combine the first 4 ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Once well combined, use an immersion blender to break up the beans and make sure everything is well mashed together. Pour the bean mixture into your baking dish and with a heavy-hand (I never said this was healthy bean dip) smother the top with cheddar.You want enough cheese to cover the entire dip so that when it melts and becomes orange-y it looks like a pumpkin (duh!). Bake for about 20-25 minutes so that the cheese melts and everything gets nice and bubbly. Remove from the oven and let cool slightly before adding your corn chip eyes, nose and mouth. Feel free to get creative with your jack-o-lantern’s face. I chose to go the classic route. Either way, it will be delicious.DSC_4590

You’ll need a standard guacamole recipe (or store bought…shhh…no one has to know), a square dish, sour cream, black olives and blue corn chips. Once you’ve made the guac, pour it into the square dish and create his face using sour cream and olives for the eyes, and blue corn chips for his signature hairstyle and crooked smile. Again, let your creativity run wild…he is your creature after all 🙂DSC_4589 Our friends had a blast and certainly got into the theme. Esteemed guests included Gandalf the Grey and his luscious silver locks, wine and cheese, Spiderman, Marty McFly, zombie Frida Kahlo, Oberyn Martell, Rosie the Riveter and more!  I attempted my best Bellatrix Lestrange impression, complete with wand and bad attitude (jk about the attitude, never was Bellatrix more cheerful).
DSC_4611Oh, and did I mention there were glowsticks? And lots of dancing. All in all, a nerdy success hosted by the Ghostpalans!


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