On sugar and spice and everything nice

I made chocolate eclairs for Valentine’s Day dessert. Which is…ambitious for me. S and I are typically pretty low-key on this holiday of lurrve but this year we decided to cook for each other. I’d say we kicked it up a notch.

Eclairs 1

He’s not a huge chocolate person (shocking, I know. It was almost a deal breaker). But, boy does he love chocolate eclairs. I think it’s something to do with the light and crumbly pastry paired with a filling of either rich silky custard or fluffy clouds of cream. Yea, who’d be into that…?

The recipe I used can be found here and despite having multiple steps involving more of my dishes and wedding registry kitchen gadgets than I’ve ever used at one time, it wasn’t that hard.


chocolate show off

The process involved making a choux pastry dough which is then piped from a bag onto a lined baking sheet. After baking until golden brown (about 25 – 30 minutes) and letting cool, you can pipe in the custard or cream filling.



I highly doubt my piping abilities, so I just sheared off the tops off my eclair shells, swooshed some whipped cream in the middle, and dipped the tops in chocolate. To get the glaze, you melt chocolate (your choice cuz ALL CHOCOLATE IS GOOD) with heavy cream and stir like mad until it’s smooth and shiny. Then you just dip the tops and flip back onto the creamy eclairs. I put the dipped tops in the fridge before adding the cream so the chocolate could set for a few minutes.


Et, voilà! I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. There’s nothing left but crumbs, so I think he was too.



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